How to submit entries?

Entry is simple. Submission is online and is completed in 4 simple steps:

  1. Register - or login if you are already a registrant.
  2. Fill in the simple online submission form – remember you can select multiple categories for each entry.
  3. Upload JPEG, PNG, PDF files or URL, as needed.
  4. Add to Cart. Then, add more entries / categories or checkout and pay.

Entries may be submitted in more than one category at an additional cost. No additional materials are needed for the same entry. In a few, such as campaigns that include a plan or report, submit the materials you presented to your client. If one is not available, offer a brief summary of objectives, challenges and solutions.


  • Entries must be produced within the last FIVE (5) calendar years up through the final deadline.
  • All entries must be submitted for judging exactly as published or implemented and may not be modified for the competition. The MUSE Design Awards may request proof of initial production and/or publication date.
  • The awards reserve the right to re-categorize incorrectly classified entries.
  • Judges reserve the right to withhold an award in a category if submissions do not meet their expectations.

Who is eligible? (Solo and/or Team)

The MUSE Design Awards is open to:
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Architects
  • Builders
  • Brand / Business Owner
  • Car Designers
  • Creative Boutiques
  • Design firms
  • Engineers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Freelance Professionals
  • Furniture Design
  • Graphic Designers
  • In-house Marketing
  • Interactive Agencies
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Students
  • Anyone aged 18 and above residing anywhere in the world

How long should my entry brief be?

It is recommended that you keep your synopsis to approximately 350 words. We suggest you utilize this section of your entry to elaborate on the piece as well as the creativity and originality of your idea. The brief should strengthen your entry, as well as providing the jury a better understanding of your project. A written translation or adaptation must accompany non-English entries.

Is there a limit to the number of entries I can submit?

There are no limits on the amount of entries you can submit.

Can I enter my work into multiple categories?

Yes, you can enter the same work into as many categories as you see fit. There will be an additional fee for each category.

Can I submit a work that has won an award or has been entered in a previous MUSE Awards competition, or in another competition?

Yes, you may submit work that has been previously submitted or has won an award. However, in an effort to promote the creation of new work and maintain a fresh flow of ideas, we encourage you to submit new work.

Can I send a sample of my product to the competition? If so, will it be returned to me and do I need to send a return-handling fee?

It is not required that you send actual sample of your product to the competition. Images and a description of the product are sufficient.

How will I know if my submission is complete, and what do I do if it’s not?

If a submission is incomplete at the closing of the competition (e.g. the submission has not been paid, or incorrectly uploaded images), it will not be eligible. Although we make every effort to ensure the completion of submissions, we are not responsible for incomplete entries, thus being unable to offer a refund should an entry be incomplete at the time of the closing of the competition.

Can I make changes to my entry after I have paid?

Yes, you may edit your entry up until before deadline, before the judging period start.

What is "Keep My Entry Private"?

If this is selected, your entry brief and images will not be shown to the public after it has been crowned as a MUSE winner. You can only see the entry thumbnail when you browse the Winner's Page. We will not promote any private winning entries on our social media platforms as well.

Submission Format

Image File

The submissions should be saved in a flattened JPEG or JPG format. (keep them under 4MB, 1,200px wide is preferable, 300dpi, RGB).

What if I have trouble uploading my images?

Firstly, check if the image does not exceed the maximum size (4MB) or width (1,200 px), and the file name only contains letters or numbers. Once checked, try to upload your images again. If you’re still having trouble after this, contact our team at info@museawards.com.

Audio/Video File

  • Upload video/audio to Vimeo/YouTube/Youku.
  • Paste the URL link into the URL field.

Entries with audio/video must be submitted with a direct URL that will take judges directly to the work. If it is password-protected, you must provide a username and password for judging purposes. Web Videos entered are judged solely on the content provided. Upload a PDF brief if explanation is required before evaluation of the work.


Entry Fees

Regular Entry is $189 for first entry of work. If a work is submitted in more than one category, an additional entry fee for each category is required. Each entrant is charged a $30 administration fee.

Entry fees will not be refundable once submitted. Withdrawn entries (whether withdrawn by entrant or by the Awards for the entrant’s failure to comply with entry rules) will NOT be refunded as well. Please click here to see entry fees.

How can I pay for the entry that I submit?

Online. You may pay for your entry after the submission of your works through Credit Card (VISA / MasterCard) or PayPal (AMEX / PayPal).

Are all the fees on your website in USD?

Yes, we only accept USD at this moment.


The juries

The prestige of the MUSE Awards competition relies in large part on the high caliber of the juries that convene each year to review submissions. MUSE Design Awards has made a special effort to find a suitable panel of judges whose works exemplify the qualities of a Muse. The jury panel comprised of experienced professionals in their field and industry, including creative designers and art directors from international agencies, architects, fashion designers, interior designers, product designers, educators, marketers or business owners, and exemplify diversity in professional experience, geography, gender, and ethnicity. All judges are selected based on experience, availability and credibility to their respective industry.

Judging criteria

Judges score on a scale of 1-100, based on the below criteria:

  • Creativity / Originality / Concept / Idea
  • Content / Brief / Objective / Planning / Execution
  • Innovation / Technology
  • Quality / Functionality / Sustainability
  • Overall Impression / Wow! Factor / Memorable

The MUSE Design Awards and International Awards Associate’s decision are final in its sole discretion and binding in relation to all matters relating to Competitions and may not be subject to any discussions or correspondence.

Judging process

Judging is blind. All entrant information is removed from entries to prevent bias/conflict of interest.

MUSE Design Awards' judging process is designed to be impartial and free from outside influences by withholding both the names of the judges on its panel as well as the contestant's names throughout the entire evaluation process. Both judge and contestant names are withheld until after award winning entries are selected. This anonymity shelters all involved from any vested interest which may attempt to influence the judges' opinions or the judging process.


How we choose MUSE Design Awards winners?

Entries are judged at random without comparison to other entries in a category. Work is evaluated on criteria determined by the job's requirements. Freelancers are not compared to design firms in the same category.

To ensure high standards of high quality, a category may have multiple winners or no winners. Work is critiqued rated by consensus, with the panel of judges determining a rating on a scale of 100 points. Winners with a score between 85 and 100 points are Platinum Winners. Entries with a score between 70 and 84 points are Gold Winners. Entries with a score between 50 and 69 points are Silver Winners.

Entries receiving an average score under 50 do not receive an award.

Levels of winning and number of winning entries

There are FOUR (4) levels of achievement in the competition:

  • Design of the Year
    (Only ONE highest score point from each category will be recognized as Architect/Interior/Fashion/Transportation/ Product/Furniture/Packaging/Lighting/Conceptual/Landscape Design of the Year.)
  • Platinum MUSE (85-100 points)
  • Gold MUSE (70-84 points)
  • Silver MUSE (50-69 points)

The number of awards presented by MUSE Design Awards is determined by the number of submissions in a given category, the scoring range and the number of tie scores.

How do I know if I’ve won an award?

All 2022 winners will be announced on April 14, 2022 via MUSE Design Awards official page. All registered participants can then login to see the winning works.

We will duly notify all award winners by email. Do ensure that your email address is correct, as our notifications may get caught in spam filters or receive a non-deliverable return. You may change your email address by logging into your account and updating your information.

What do the winners receive?

Each year, the MUSE Design Awards honor the best in creativity from around the globe, while you give us a glimpse into the future of the profession.

  • The Design of the Year winners receive a complimentary limited-edition trophy and professionally designed certificate.
  • One professionally designed certificate commemorating the winning entry, which includes entry title, entering company/winners' name and category. Decal will be affixed indicating the level of win.
  • Top tier (Platinum and Gold) winners will be featured on MUSE Design Awards site's Gallery, where professionals can view your work.
  • A press release template sent to major industry outlets, celebrating your win.
  • Professionally designed logos for use on websites, in email signatures, etc.
  • In addition to the complimentary certificates, Platinum, Gold, and Silver winners may purchase beautiful MUSE Awards statuettes, and/or additional customized certificates.
  • Platinum and Gold winners will get featured by MUSE on social media or our media partner on Muse.World’s website.

Why must winners’ trophies be purchased?

The MUSE Design Awards mission is to recognize outstanding creativity in firms that otherwise are overshadowed by large firms' budgets, which dominate most other marketing communications competitions. We also want to extend and encourage students to enter and compete on their entering the profession of digital media.

The MUSE Design Awards maintains affordable entry fees (the lowest in the advertising awards industry) to allow start-ups, one-person firms and young people the opportunity to enter, as well as firms from countries where the exchange rate or the economic conditions would otherwise make entering impossible.

If an entrant is recognized as a winner, there is no additional fee. Many other awards programs charge an acceptance fee. With MUSE, once you've won, you've won; there is no additional fee.

If a winner decides they want a statuette, the MUSE Awards makes them available for purchase and orders them from its manufacturer. This offering process allows the Awards to maintain low entry fees and prevent non-winners’ subsidy of winners.

Some winners choose not to receive a physical memento. Their priority is the prestige of recognition and the exposure the comes with it. Others choose to order statuettes for individuals on their creative team as well as their client. It's all up to the winners!

Statuette shipping time

Winner awards are custom-made. Statuettes will ship directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 10-16 weeks for the statuettes. Shipping time may be longer during off-season. Statuettes may be ordered from our online store once winners are announced.

Note: Entrants are liable to pay any inbound duties and taxes, should local customs authority deem appropriate. Most countries charge a custom/duty fee and taxes on products received from outside their country. We have no control over these fees and taxes. Please check with the customs department in your country.


The MUSE Design Awards sponsors?

The MUSE Design Awards is conducted by International Awards Associate Inc (IAA). The IAA is not tied to any advertiser, magazine, trade association, ad club or other outside influence.

IAA’s goal is to provide affordable, independent competitions on an international stage that are respected as fair and open to all, regardless of company size or bottom line.

The IAA is an independent, international organization focused on creating a community of marketing creativity, effectiveness and excellence. It conducts impartial, 'blind' judged competitions and, once completed, it recognizes, celebrates and promotes creative, effective and marketing excellence in those winning companies and individuals.

Entry terms and conditions

MUSE Design Awards assumes all entries are original and the entrant either owns the submission or has permission from a client or other appropriate party to enter the work, with all rights granted therein. In the event that an entrant without such rights submits a site, the entrant will not be eligible for the competition. The MUSE Design Awards are not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.

Copyright and all other rights remain that of the entrant. All entrants understand and agree that any work submitted to the competition may be used by the MUSE Design Awards and its media partners for marketing and promotional purposes of the competition only, including in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media directly related to the MUSE Awards competition.

Timely submission of an entry meeting the eligibility requirements and payment of the entry fee as stated herein ensures that an entrant's work will be reviewed and considered for recognition. No other representation or warranty is made by MUSE Design Awards concerning entries and all implied warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed.

If an entrant's submission receives an award, the manner and details of announcing such nomination and award is strictly within the discretion of MUSE Design Awards. Entrant understands that all awards may not be given or publicized in the same manner or form.

Refund Policy

Entry fees will not be refundable once submitted. Withdrawn entries (whether withdrawn by entrant or by the Awards for the entrant’s failure to comply with entry rules) will NOT be refunded as well.

You may request a refund for your transaction prior to it being sent to the manufacturer for processing and fulfillment. Please send an email to orders@iaaawards.org to confirm eligibility of refund. Once confirmed, refunds will be processed within 7-14 business days of approval. We will notify you via email once your refund is processed.

Scam warning: Important information

There are many people and groups that attempt to obtain your money or personal information inappropriately through fraudulent means. Often, these people and groups misrepresent who they are in an effort to deceive you about the legitimacy of what they are claiming. Sometimes, although not always, they will claim that you have won a lottery or sweepstakes and ask that you send them money so that they can release your supposed winnings to you. In such a situation, you should be very careful and fully investigate any and all claims before you send any money. Please be aware that there are many scams that use SMS/e-mail in an attempt to defraud people using methods similar to these, and we warn strongly against your responding to this type of SMS/e-mail without rigorous investigation to establish whether it is of a genuine nature. Generally, you should treat unsolicited communication (e-mail, phone and letters) that offer financial gain with extreme suspicion; be aware that legitimate lotteries rarely, if ever, ask for a fee to release your winnings; you should not pay any requested fee in advance without fully investigating the matter; and you should not provide banking details or other sensitive financial information in response to emails, phone inquiries and letters without a thorough investigation. In recent years we have been aware of instances of individuals and fraudulent organizations that have been sending notices to people falsely claiming that the recipients have won a lottery. These notices falsely claim to be from IAA (MUSE CREATIVE AWARDS, MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, NYX AWARDS, VEGA DIGITAL AWARDS) and even have the name and contact information of IAA (MUSE CREATIVE AWARDS, MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, NYX AWARDS, VEGA DIGITAL AWARDS) employees along with IAA (MUSE CREATIVE AWARDS, MUSE DESIGN AWARDS, MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, NYX AWARDS, VEGA DIGITAL AWARDS) branding. These notices are completely fraudulent, cleverly designed to trick people into sending money for prizes they will never receive. IAA (MUSE CREATIVE AWARDS, MUSE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, NYX AWARDS, VEGA DIGITAL AWARDS) is NOT AND HAS NEVER RUN a sweepstake, a lottery OR ANY FORM OF CONTEST OF THESE KINDS and has never asked anyone to wire money to redeem a prize. Please do not respond to any SMS, email, or any other means of communication claiming that you have won a prize. If you have any question as to the validity of an offer, please contact us at iaa@iaaawards.org / info@musecreativeawards.com / info@musephotographyawards.com / info@museaward.com / info@nyxawards.com / info@vegaawards.com.