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Lighting Design of The Year

Lighting matters, because it is one of the most important aspects in design. Affecting the mood, emotion and feel, a single source of illumination can help enhance and elevate your designs to a whole new level.

We want to see the best lighting implementers in the world, from a stylish set of lamps that can help to lighten the room, to the finest chandeliers that shimmers under the morning light. We believe that intuition, creative instincts and innovative designs are what makes lighting so powerful as a design.

We are honored to celebrate the innovations and inventiveness of these lightning specialists whose works are well within the realms of excellence. Join us today.

MUSE Design Awards

Lighting Design categories

LT22001. Agricultural Lighting
LT22002. Ambient Lighting
LT22003. Architectural Lighting
LT22004. Automotive Lighting
LT22005. Bathroom Lighting
LT22006. Built-In Lighting
LT22007. Ceiling Lights
LT22008. Chandeliers
LT22009. Cove Lighting
LT22010. Deck & Step Lights
LT22011. Decorative Lamps / Lighting
LT22012. Designer / Custom Lighting
LT22013. Desk Lamps
LT22014. Downlights
LT22015. Dynamic Lighting
LT22016. Emergency Lighting
LT22017. Energy-Saving Lighting
LT22018. Entertainment Lighting
LT22019. Facade Lighting
LT22020. Floodlighting
LT22021. Floor Lamps
LT22022. Flush Lights
LT22023. Guidance Systems
LT22024. Hanging Lamps / Lights
LT22025. Healthcare Lighting
LT22026. Illuminated Ceilings
LT22027. Illuminated Home Decor
LT22028. Innovative Lighting Design
LT22029. Interactive Lighting Products
LT22030. Landscape Lighting
LT22031. Lanterns & Torch Lights
LT22032. LED Lighting Products
LT22033. Light Bulbs & Tubes
LT22034. Lighting Control Systems
LT22035. Mobile Lighting
LT22036. Mood Lighting
LT22037. Neon Lighting
LT22038. Outdoor Lamps / Lighting
LT22039. Pendant Lighting
LT22040. Portable Lamps
LT22041. Post Lanterns
LT22042. Reading Lamps
LT22043. Retail Lighting
LT22044. Solar Lighting
LT22045. Solid State Lighting
LT22046. Special Purpose Lighting
LT22047. Spotlights
LT22048. Street Lighting
LT22049. Sustainable Lighting
LT22050. Theater Lighting
LT22051. Track Lighting
LT22052. Wall Lamps / Lighting
LT22053. Art (Interior & Exterior Lighting)
LT22054. Event & Exhibition (Interior Lighting)
LT22055. Healthcare Facilities (Interior Lighting)
LT22056. Hotels & Hospitality (Interior Lighting)
LT22057. Institutional (Interior Lighting)
LT22058. Cultural & Historical Buildings (Interior Lighting)
LT22059. Offices & Spaces (Interior Lighting)
LT22060. Restaurants (Interior Lighting)
LT22061. Retail & Commercial (Interior Lighting)
LT22000. Other Lighting Design

Deadlines & Fees

Architects, builders, contractors, developers, engineers, business owners are encouraged to submit work that is in prototype or complete*. Winners are determined by one entry, and not an entire body of work, so careful selection should be observed.
Entry Period
Early Bird
(Apr 14 - May 19, 2022)
(May 20 - Jun 16, 2022)
(Jun 17, - Jul 14, 2022)
Final Extension
(Jul 15 - Aug 18, 2022)
Professional 1st
$179 $189 $209 $219
$179 $189 $209 $219
$119 $129 $149 $159
Results Announcement: October 13, 2022

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.

Rather than increase the fee for each entry, fees are only charged in order to cover administrative costs like printing, mailing and data organization. For this reason, each participant is charged a flat $30 administration fee. When all participants pay the same low fee, those submitting more than one entry will actually pay less than if fees were on a sliding scale.

Work submitted must have been created within the last 5 years.

Prizes and recognition

MUSE Lighting Design Awards

The Winner of the Lighting Design of the Year award receives a complimentary, limited-edition of the prestigious MUSE statuette and certificate. Winning works will be highlighted on the main page of the MUSE Design Awards website, and published on all of its social media platforms for a full year.

In addition, Platinum, Gold and Silver winners will receive a complimentary certificate, personalized press release, as well as graphic downloads for use in promotions. Winners in these categories may choose to purchase their respective MUSE Statuette for a reasonable fee. All winning designs are featured in the MUSE World online media platforms.


Sleek, limited edition statuettes to signify your crowning achievement


Showcase your winning work with a published interview you complete with our convenient release form


Promote your achievement on correspondence, social media, websites, and more


Reputation-building endorsement personalized for you, and suitable for framing


Take your place in our "hall of fame" by adding your name to the pantheon of winners


Build success with promotional coverage on our high-visibility website and press releases
MUSE Lighting Design Awards

submission details

Submit your entry online in four easy steps:

1. Tap the "Submit Entries" button to register your user name and password. If you are already a member, tap "Log In."

2. Complete the short online entry form. Don't forget you can enter each work in more than one category.

3. Upload your entry (Image, PDF, URL) to the site.

4. Check out to file your entry fees.

Image Limits; Up to ten images in JPEG and one PDF can be uploaded per entry. For easy results, ensure images are formatted as JPEG/PNG, 1000px, and no larger than 4MB. Please save PDFs in "Screen View", limited to 6 pages per entry, or 4MB in size.

Submissions should be as detailed as possible. For example, Conceptual submissions should include small-scale site plans for context, and images of all sides of the building and its environment. A complex of buildings should include a rendering. Restorations and remodels should include images of the site "before and after."

Submissions can be entered as concepts, completed, or works in process. Completed projects may not be older than five years.

Limit written descriptions of your project to 350 words or less.