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This is an old but new, technical but natural green building! On one hand,this work is revitalized with a series of transparent and ventilating curtains and brick walls, giving the originally destructed old building a new breathing exterior and allowing the best light into the office space to improve the space quality. On the other hand,this work re-initiates community co-creation and makes the exterior a recognizable natural living landscape. We want to renovate buildings in a way that minimizes energy waste. Outside the old red brick wall,the architect build a new layer of the red brick wall. The middle of the two red brick walls remains hollow. The air in the middle isolates the outdoor heat conduction and forms effective isolation with benefit for the building. Comfort: Daylight is the main design feature of this building. It employs not only facade windows, but also skylights in the atriums, which improve the daylight environment in the inner area. We use German KANEKER technology, the west side wall was kept to preserve the interaction between the outdoor and the indoor. It not only blocks the conduction of air and radiant heat but also adds a clever spin to a traditional design. Energy: Energy-saving lamps and automatic lighting systems are used for saving light energy. As calculated, the energy consumption of the building is expected to reach 43kwh/m2a for cooling,heating,ventilation,plumbing and lighting annually. Environment: This building is refurbished following the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) principle. It is part of the old structure and walls are conserved. The demolished bricks and concrete are applied to the construction. For the landscape,Rice field is in the memory of the South of Yangtze River. A small farm in front of the building makes a joyful and harmony living space for the employees.


Project design director
Ryan Kuo
Design participants
Zenghua Chen, Wenfeng Chen, Jianya Sun, Tao Liu, Margaux Lhermitte
Landscape consultant
Zongyong Ling, Lianqu Lai
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