Taiwan   |  2020

MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Dry Salon

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DSEN Design


Interior Design

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The project is a narrow and long old house more than forty years old. The reorganization and renovation of the basic construction is the key point of the project. Externally, the grille style conceals the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It is not only good-looking but also convenient for maintenance. It also extends the depth and width of all construction together with the white façade at the gate. The rain shade of the indoor ceiling is removed and replaced by the transparent skylight to successfully open the dark space and introduce light.The entrance is built with the large glass French windows. The feature of transparency creates the interaction between the indoor and outdoor space and makes the entrance the visual focus. In the design, the modern style is applied to interpret the classical beauty, especially the classical are lexicon that connects the space, from the structure where the LOGO on the external of the construction connects the French windows, the gate made of the are titanium stainless steel, the skylight connecting the are wallboard of the indoor space, to the indoor circle chair, coffee table, and bar.

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