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Three childhood friends had one grand vision – to unite their passion for craft beer to create a new kind of brewery, one that was a true anchor of the community and a catalyst for progress. Armed with this vision, Brand Bureau had the opportunity to create a new brand and hospitality experience from the ground up. After establishing the brand’s mission — to foster better communities inspired and empowered by the brewing, consuming, and culture of beer — we landed on the name Protagonist. We then executed the brand through a fun, language-based visual identity with a cryptic “secret code,” and a one-of-a-kind taproom experience (complete with local snacks and beer cocktails). The Protagonist Clubhouse, located in Charlotte, NC, was envisioned as an intimate atmosphere in which to brew, enjoy, and experience beer in unexpected and elevating ways. Despite the space’s small footprint, our clients had big ambitions for their first location: a taproom and nano-brewery to serve their own brews alongside 20+ guest beers on tap, beer cocktails, wine, and snacks. The Clubhouse space celebrates the transparency of craft beer making, welcoming connoisseurs as well as more novice guests. The brew tanks are a main feature of the interior, with a strong visual presence both inside and from the street. To contrast the abundance of stainless-steel equipment, the design pays homage to its North Carolina context with approachable elements inspired by front porches and dining room tables. Applications of oak wood, handmade tiles, and cork wall coverings recall handcrafted materiality, creating a juxtaposition of modern and tactile, rigid and soft, innovative and traditional that results in a welcoming space and an unexpected, discoverable aesthetic. The Clubhouse is an in-the-know beer enthusiast hangout, where locals come together to share their passion and try unusual and experimental brews—either made on-site or curated from far and wide. In the evening, the space transitions into a stylish destination for contemporary beer-centric experiences.


Chief Operating Officer, Brand Bureau
Lynn Juang
Associate Strategy Director, Brand Bureau
Melinda Welch
Senior Design Manager, Brand Bureau
Travis Schnupp
Design Director, Interiors, Brand Bureau
Jennifer DiLeonardi
Project Director, Brand Bureau
Hilary Miners
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