Finland   |  2019

ŌURA (Oura)

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Oura Health


Packaging Design

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Health & Wellness

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Oura required a differentiated brand, name and identity to set it apart from cheaper wearable products in a crowded market. Proxy and the Oura team developed a premium brand focused on wellness and holistic, 360 degrees wellbeing. From a phonetically and strategically differentiated name to a minimal, high end identity, Oura has achieved 2.5x higher average selling price compared to older wearable product brands. The brand has been holistically deployed across the app, website, packaging and marketing.


Co-founder, CTO HW & Head of Design, Oura Health
Kari Kivelä
COO, Oura Health
Tommi Pyykönen
Co-founder, President & Chief Innovation Officer, Oura Health
Petteri Lahtela
Founding Partner,
Aapo Bovellan
Senior Partner,
Gernot Preslmayer
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