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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Dancing Green with GumGum

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W studio


Interior Design - Hospitality

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GumGum Group

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The second GumGum store is located in the Neihu Science Park in Taipei City

Design and development want to start with the original characteristics of the environment and the site base

Combine the personality and spirit of people in GumGum.

Space wants to create a real, natural, relaxed and free existence.

Like a charming man who loves to travel.

In Taipei City, it is rare to have a single rectangular building with a height of 6m.

When you enter the space, you will be impressed by the big tree close to 6m, and the healing tree will greet you.

As a spiritual theme of natural gathering, the big tree

The radial arrangement of various and different seats creates various forms of free gathering.

The creation of green makes the indoor breathing flow as if it is also in the outdoor space

Through the green scenery of the backyard and the front yard, the connection of the ceiling green box allows the green to dance freely everywhere.

At the same time, I want to remove contemporary people’s worries about confined spaces due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The open kitchen combines the chef’s cooking and the bar counter to adjust the production process presented as a beautiful picture.

Based on the original material

Warm wood

Original wooden plywood

Natural cement texture

Rusty iron formed by time

In this simple and elegant tone

Finally, the concept of a touch of blue is the final presentation.


W Studio
Wayne, Weien, Lin
Kiiwi Design
Benjamen, Wu
Gum Gum Group
Chun Wei, Yu
Gum Gum Group
Randy, Wu
Gum Gum Group
Teddy, Zheng
Gum Gum Group
Qin Cheng, Jiang
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