Hong Kong S.A.R., China   |  2021

MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

SCPG-HUIDELONG Hangzhou Aoti InCity

Entrant Company

PH Alpha Design Ltd.


Architectural Design

Client's Name

SCPG Hangzhou City Commercial Company


Retails, Shops, Department Stores & Mall (NEW)

SCPG-HUIDELONG Aoti InCity, one of the most remarkable new development projects in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, is scheduled to open in September 2021, with the GFA of 214,000 ㎡ and a total of 7 floors (6 floors above ground and 1 floor underground). It is an elaborate architecture-interior integrated design of PH Alpha Design, where architecture and interior are well combined so that the styles of the design can be consistent, creating a new interactive social platform for the city as well as a new retail landmark in Xiaoshan with unique design, top-notch artistic creativity and humanistic ecological business philosophies.

Combined with the development background of Xiaoshan Airport Economic Zone, PH Alpha Design proposes the design idea of higher, faster and stronger, which also responses to the spirit of former Asian Games era. The architectural design is based on the theme of "Spreading the Wings and Soar", showing the bright future prospects of Xiaoshan District.

The southeast entrance combines a variety of elements to create a modern and atmospheric entrance shape, which is not only conducive to guide the flow of people into the mall, but also visible from the airport expressway and it’s unforgettable. The northwest entrance leads directly to the roof from the ground through the terrace, forming a good connection with the surrounding houses. Each floor on the terrace is designed with greening and commercial space. The indoor and outdoor spaces blend and enhance well.

Extracted from the traditional elements, the façade concept is simplified and transformed through modern design. The new design elements adopt economical and convenient construction materials and yet still are rooted Hangzhou particular style. The graceful curves, the agile shapes, and the terrace create a vibrant, green, natural and interesting life scene.


Lead Designer
Dr. Ping Xu
Project Team
Lijuan Huang, Jing Wang, Renhua Deng
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