2021 | Professional

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Changsha Lotus Pond Plot Demonstration Area

Entrant Company

Guangzhou S.P.I Design


Landscape Design - Residential Landscape

Client's Name

Changsha Hongshang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Country / Region


Originated from nature and back to nature, the original intention of the site design is to return from the "urban forest" of Changsha to the real "natural forest", full of emotions for the site and mountains, and let life return to nature. We are not creating a mountain forest landscape, we are just returning to that mountain.

The project is located next to the Gushan Forest Park in Yuelu District, Changsha City, with urban green lungs and abundant natural landscape resources. The design draws inspiration from "Autumn Evening in the Mountains" (by Wei Wang, Tang Dynasty), and uses the artistic conception landscape of fir forest, stream, cloud and valley to create a poetic scene in the mountains.

Stepping into the mountains and the forest, it is a cypress forest with shadows of trees. Walking on the winding stone road, it presents a quiet and sheltered mountain forest space. Even a pool of streams and rocks are conveying the vitality of nature.

Along the stream, schist piled up, allowing water to flow out slowly, and the stream talking, creating a dynamic and static blended space in the shade of the trees.

Clouds and mists travel through the forests and disperse on the water. The surrounding buildings undulate like mountains. The sky and clouds are scattered on the crystal-clear water, breaking the limit of space and reflecting the poetic conception of nature.

The valley, it always stands, sitting and watching the wind and clouds, calling you back.

The difficulty of the project lies in how to reduce the damage to nature and achieve ecological balance. Therefore, the method of "less intervention" is used to restore, borrow, and return to the mountain, relying on the continuation and transition of natural plants on the site, and combining natural stone to present a mountain forest. The secret environment allows people to feel the purest authenticity of the site more directly, linger in the mountains and forests, so that every space can have empathy with people and nature, and achieve a real poetic living.


Chief Designer
Ling Yang, Zhiwei Liu, Xiang Li
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