China   |  2021

MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

Phase-I Urban Renewal Project of Huanggang Village

Entrant Company

PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Architectural Design

Client's Name

Excellence Group


Rebirth Project (NEW)

In this program, a new concept "UALC" was proposed, that is, "Urban Art and Life Complex", which integrates art and life and brings them into the commercial and residential complex. With the aim to create an "art museum", the planners broke through the conventional shoppingmall mode and adopted the strategy of "ART+" to achieve the unity of the project’s overall design concept. 1. In terms of residence: The planners strove to make the best use of the landscape resources on the north side of the city, to ensure that each household can secure a better orientation, avoiding west orientation and the opposite view between the residences. The unique pentagonal building in the shape of a "fighter" perfectly meets the above requirements while ensuring the unity of design language. In terms of the house type, ultimate space experience is pursued by virtue of the design of various artistic spaces to define the unique artistic life aesthetics of successful people. 2. In terms of commerce: As regards the commercial planning, the design highlights the connotation of "living room of the city" and creates a spiritual monument with a sense of future in the indoor commercial atrium. This represents the pride of Huanggang village and the development of Shenzhen and creates a unique and shocking spatial experience. In regard to the design language for the shape, red, wave, arc and translucent elements are used to highlight a sense of romantic art. Basing itself at the important and special location of Huanggang Village in Shenzhen, this project is an artistic living place specifically designed for the future successful people and Shenzhen citizens, which will undoubtedly become a well-known design model.


Guoxing Zhao
Guangliang Zhang
Guangnan Zhu
Zhuqing Chu
Yang Zhang
Yongdong Fu
Jiafu Xu
Jingjie Liu
Ying Wang
Yaoyao Luo
Hongsi Xu
Jinquan Yu
Buyun Song
Lin Chen
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