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The three-story villa consists of two floors and one underground, and can accommodate a five-member family of three generations. The owner seeks to develop an ideal living space, one that can house both babies and elderly people—a house that encompasses a complete life cycle, so as to meet the needs of the modern middle class living in the city. Apart from pursuing fine taste and high living quality, a close bond of a traditional three-generation family can also be enjoyed.The space inside is mainly composed of three parts—the reception area, the family area and the bedrooms. After the entrance is a public area made up of the living room and the dining room. We forego the mainstream, traditional design of the living room and the dining room to honor the guests. Instead, we center on the communication and the use of different members. With grey, white and beige as the main colors, combined with a marble wall behind the TV set framed with metal and decorated with cloth decoration of ink landscape, a special artistic conception that blends a simple modern style, luxury and oriental imagery has come into being. Such diversity also goes from the living room to the dining room beyond. In so doing, the wholeness of the public area is accomplished.

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