Croatia (Hrvatska)   |  2019

Tornado and Tumbleweed

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Ana Banić Göttlicher, mag. des., 4N4 DESIGN


Product Design

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Obrada metala Korzo



Concept: A tornado is a very intense air vortex in the form of a funnel or tube beneath a cloud of vertical development (cumulus or, more commonly, cumulonimbus), extending all the way to the ground surface. Sometimes more tubes appear at the same time, and the tube may not always be visible. Along the axis of the tornado there is a sudden and strong drop in air pressure. The rate of devastating wind in the vortex is the highest wind speed in nature. The tornado lasts from a few seconds to an hour, rarely more, and the speed of movement of the vortex depends on the movement of the parent cloud. The installation connects two concepts inspired by the wind effects in nature. The Tornado tables and the Tumbleweed lamp, whose crumpled form is an interpretation of tumbleweed whose survival and propagation is affected by the wind. A starting point for the tables concept is tornado. Functional tables in their construction have incorporated metal spiral of different diameters, always moving and swinging like a whirlwind. The tables have tinted cone-shaped concrete forms, thus representing a parent cloud, made from concrete, solid and due to the specific construction process, very lightweight. The table represents a unique moment / event in time. Lamp is made from stainless steel crumpled mesh, representing tumbleweed form in nature. Products are very durable, made for interior or exterior spaces with innovative, and incredibly hand-made process technology.


Designer, innovator, professional independent artist and owner of 4N4 design d.o.o.
Ana Banic Göttlicher, mag. des.
Owner and manufacturer / Obrada metala Korzo
Mario Korzo
PR and manufacturer / Obrada metala Korzo
Dubravka Korzo
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