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The owner, who is a senior sales executive, spends more than half of the year abroad due to his work. The owner loves to experience various top-class hotels in different countries, so when he returns home, he hopes to spend this short vacation with his family in an elegant and simple space as if in a top-class hotel. Therefore, in this case, the designer applied the concept of minimalism to create a modern and simple vacation residence. The neutral color palette of black, white, and gray is used as the main tone of the space, which is elegant and modern as a boutique hotel. The designer opens up the vision of the space, using a half stone wall and another half of glass wall of the study room, breaking the boundary between living areas. In the space, the designer did not over decorate the space to reduce visual interference, using textured materials and modern lighting design to construct a space with a sense of texture. The designer returns to the essence of space through the aesthetics of subtraction by leaving blank areas. In order to allow the public space to be used flexibly according to the situation, the doors are designed in a movable way. The designer installed in the study room a folding door made of embossed glass, which not only gives flexibility and penetration to the space, but also brings the effect of light and shadow fluctuation. The storage room and the entrance door share the same track sliding door, and the door panel is designed with wood strips to echo the texture of the space. When this door is used as the entrance door, the storage room will be presented in the form of a display cabinet. The designer uses subtractive thinking to integrate space requirements, simplify space lines, and reduce congestion in the space, so that everyone in the space can relax and spend quality time with their families during every vacation in an elegant and streamlined aesthetic.


Chang Yi Yuen
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