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There is a grayer shade or whiter pale. As colors transfigure the aura of space, the clear morning light is filtered through a misty gray that lurks throughout the night. The translucent color fields of gray and white spill over the room. The traversal and longitudinal circulations separate the individual functions of a house into more precisely. In the living room, one enjoys the scenes of dawn and sunset. The window abuts the greenery of a park. The purity of the environment and colors dispel the sense of enclosure and accommodate the natural light and shades as well as other peculiarities. The lighter grey of the ceiling and flooring is a unique paint exudes a sense of pleasure as if a scale transposed a half-note higher. The contrast of wooden and metal components yields a warm temperature, imparting a human scale into the interface of life—the tables, cupboards, and cabinets. The proportional division concludes the visual and functional concerns. Thus the residents are encouraged to perceive the changing aesthetics of Nature in the limited space. The space next to the windows is abundant with light that pours into the shared area of the living room and studies. On the other side of the aisle, the airy glass panels and wooden sliding doors regulate the facade and aestheticize the elegant acts of entrance and exit.


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