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Wandering In Field

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Clearday interior design


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This is the home of a young couple, where the sun shines through the tulle curtains and reflects on the wood-grained floor, creating a soft and pure atmosphere. Simple white and wood grain colors are used in the pure space to bring out a rustic and warm atmosphere. In order to pursue the visual excess between indoor and outdoor areas, the entrance adopts gray stone-plastic floor to create a sense of domain, but it is a flat space, while the interior adopts wooden floor to bring out the temperature of the space, making every step in the space comfortable and warm. Furniture in white and wood grain colors bring out the calm moments in the space, without too many heavy colors, and simply return to the true color of the space. The bright white color and the true color of wooden furniture create the appearance of simple life. Use equal proportions to create a constant pull door in a Japanese-style home. Through the design of large windows and couch design, the owner can enjoy a quiet afternoon and read a book for a moment. The moderately open cabinet in the dining room provides a convenient place to put the coffee machine, and it is also at the center of the family, so that the rich coffee fragrance spreads out of the early morning home, bathing the whole body and mind, and the breakfast with the bread box wakes up a beautiful morning. The lamps are specially selected chestnut-shaped chandeliers, high and low fat and thin lamps, which bring out the liveliness of the space, and create a lively feeling of sharing dinner time with friends. This is an ingenious and detailed interior design, rich in a variety of material elements, but also integrates a simple textured space to create a unique and comfortable color palette, so that life and experience can be perfectly displayed.

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