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Newage Skylight

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NewAge is a restaurant and lounge located in the newly established Hotel in the Caribbean with East Asian cuisine. It offers an authentic East Asian experience while showcasing modern furniture and a glass skylight roof, radiant beams of sunlight and a beautiful dusk view through its retractable glass roof. The Teppanyaki table brings together a fun atmosphere by utilizing premium NewAge Products. The waterfall focal point helps bring the outdoor experience indoors. The Concept of the restaurant surpasses the typical designation of a luxurious restaurant, but offers an unparalleled setting where guests are able to fine dine, relax and enjoy the magical view. The restaurant is divided into two main spaces. On the top floor, it is a luxurious dining experience with a large table in the centre for a family style dinner. On the second floor, there is a Teppanyaki table in the centre as a focal point in the room. Incorporating a professional chef on one side of the restaurant and a full kitchen on the opposite end allows for proper flow and Feng shui. The central concept of the design methodology is to showcase a Modern East Asian fine dining experience in the Caribbean. Utilizing the modern and minimalist furniture allowed the clientele to focus on the beautiful Caribbean view and East Asian cuisine. The conceptual design for NewAge Skylight explores the perfect oasis. A challenge for the design of NewAge Skylight was to engineer the glass dome to encompass the restaurant to serve an overall poetic and relaxing experience. The dome needed to filter sunlight while providing the perfect Caribbean view. The dome is required to be structurally stable as well as beautiful and simple. We designed the dome in a way where the windows are able to seamlessly open to allow for proper ventilation.

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