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School 't Hofke

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This is a special primary school because there are 5 different groups of users who work together in one building, and use the facilities together for education, care, sports and neighborhood facilities. It consists of 16 classrooms, 3 groups for a daycare, 1 group for extra-curricular activities, 1 nursery school/kindergarten and one gym. The building has a social connection to the neighbourhood and also has rooms available for associations that want to use the extra consultation and meeting rooms. We took the influential protected green area to the north and the monumental trees as a basis for designing the windows through the oblique timber jamb. This gives the viewer a focussed view of the green and the timber is experienced in the oblique jamb. The rhythm of the trees, and the reed mats protecting the current trees provide the inspiration and design for the new facades. The quantity of timber on the facades becomes more intense and fanciful the closer we get to the protected green area to the north. The timber facades are made using sustainably produced timber with a 50-year guarantee. The texture and direction of the timber and bricks establish a link with the bark of the trees in the important protected green area. The different age groups are referred to in the height of the window openings which become increasingly higher with each floor, as the age group gets older. It shows the children's development over the years, because as they get older, the windows in the building get higher. The width of the windows is different in each classroom in order to emphasize the individuality of each classroom and each child. Differentiation from the inside gives each room a different experience and view to the outside.

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