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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

French sentiment-Taipei

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Start with the French classical feelings, combine the eastern elements, and interweave into elegant French romantic residents.

We are eager to free and exile ourselves in our spare time.

Within the connotation of an interwoven style of French soul with Oriental elements,

the elegance of plain and simple space takes us into the realm of tranquil peace.

Lines as refined as Rococo, line boards with curves of classical Venus,

along with aesthetic keynote of rhythm, everything is releasing its ego in quietness.

Marble stands erect as resolute and steadfast as Apollo, and Hestia calls softly while leaning against the fireplace.

Gold-plated decoration and shadow of light set off luxury, and maidenlike shyness of rouge pink spreads all over the whole space,

which mixes the romance of lamps and natural light, and understated elegance is highlighted.

Natural agility of light is cast into warm and comfortable interior space.

With the indifference to fame or gain that has cast off impetuous, bustling and luxurious busyness,

it is gorgeous without ostentation, its soft color outlines solemn dignity, and its simplicity presents mild and learned elegance.

The beauty of light luxuries like nature itself is refined from quietly elegant tenderness and classical romance.

French classic melts with ancient Oriental style through simple and smooth material, line and light in one take.

Brightly clear and simple, refined and indifferent to fame or gain, and mild and learned elegance, this is how the realm of spirit is.

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