China   |  2022

MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

Crowne Plaza Century Space, Chengdu

Entrant Company

WE Design


Interior Design

Client's Name

Chengdu Century City Exhibition and Convention Group Co., Ltd.


Hotels & Resorts

“Human knowledge is not (or does not follow) a straight line, but a curve, which endlessly approximates a series of circles, a spiral”, said Vladimir Lenin. While inheriting the traditional design concept of Crowne Plaza, this project boldly reinterprets the classics and innovations in an exploratory way. Inspired by “metaverse”, this hotel starts a wonderful journey of exploring future leisure and fashionable lifestyle in Chengdu. Subtly extracting architectural elements, the designers apply fluid lines to the whole hotel, making the interior perfectly integrate with the architecture and creating a space featuring dynamic lines as well. In addition, the designers attempt to fuse the ancient legend of the Chinese Zodiac with the futuristic technology themed by cosmos. By separating colors and lines, the design team incorporates historical, fantastic and unknown symbols into various functional areas in detail. For instance, the lobby, which draws inspiration from ancient brick walls, adopts metal-like mosaic tiles featuring a sense of future and technology. Its ubiquitous linear lighting strips and hard metal brick walls evoke infinite imagination. The biggest challenge is how to transform and utilize the three-floor space on the roof and to organize circulation route. In response, the design team adds spiral staircase and elevator to settle the vertical traffic problem on these three floors. By intelligently taking advantage of the core tube’s surplus loading capacity, the team places the rooftop swimming pool above the tube, thus subtly solving the loading problem faced by the swimming pool and also creating an interesting, relaxing socializing venue on the rooftop. Moreover, to respect and protect nature, no natural marble is applied to this hotel, which contributes to reducing the over-exploitation of natural resources.


Yang Xun
Jiang Yin
Shen Hu
Sun Bing
Xiong Yu
Zhou Zhixin
Hua Feng
Zhou Tao
Liu Qin
Tu Fengwei
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