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Green Education on Campus –

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Yifang Ecoscape


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Wenling 2nd Primary School



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A living school: The project drew its inspiration from the international “Eco-school” programme introduced by the Foundation for Environmental Education. The key idea was to create the symbiosis between school campus and environmental education, while emphasizing action-based learning. The concept of “A Living School” was then developed, which includes three main aspects – Green and ecological campus as a foundation, a safe and healthy environment for the children and finally, outdoor spaces that facilitate all-round development of our students. “The Sponge Campus”: One priority for the campus design was to manage its stormwater sustainably and ecologically, as the site is in an area affected by extreme weather events such as Typhoons. Water collected by the green roofs was transferred to a small lake for retention and reuse, via a system of swales and rain gardens – the school retains 80% of its annual rainfall on site. In addition, the whole process was designed to be observable by the students to maximize on-campus environmental education opportunities. Safe and user friendly campus: A safer campus was achieved by separating vehicle and pedestrian circulation and all details were designed to ensure kids-friendly experiences both physically and psychologically. Growing up with nature: There are ample opportunities, such as “eco vege plots” and “wild forests”, for the children to get up close with nature in the school. In fact, the campus was designed “to grow with the students”, which would lead to better appreciation for the environment, sustainability and self-management. Flexible landscape spaces: All key landscape spaces were also designed to be flexible in order to meet the needs of kids from different age groups. Some spaces are more “action-based” to encourage exploration and interaction, whereas others are “more private and quieter” to suit the needs for the “grown-ups”.


Xin Wang
Bo luan
Jianxi Chen
Yueling Li
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