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MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

Nanjing Harbor-City

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UrbanPlot Architectural Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


Architectural Design - Mix Use Architectural Designs

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Agile Group

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Nanjing Harbor City Mixed-use project is adjacent to Green-water-bay Wetland Park in the East, Laoshan National Forest Park in the West, overlooking the Yangtze River and River-west CBD area. It has excellent landscape resources and development prospects.

The overall design concept Harbor-city is derived from the grains of local stones – Rain Flower Pebbles - to shape the architectural image, echo the wetland landscape, and let tourists feel the natural atmosphere away from the noise of the city. Plot C is composed of shopping center, brand exhibition center, office towers and hotel, while Plot D includes three high-rise apartment buildings and one local featured retail street. The shopping center is the core business engine that integrates a new combination of internationally leading formats such as FICO Food Carnival, Car Display and Home Life Museum.

The 10000 square meter central cloud canopy encloses the semi open ecological park with shopping center, office towers and hotel around to create a unique multi-storey garden and green public space, as if strolling in the forest with the fragrance of birds and flowers and the continuous sunshine.

The design is committed to building an urban commercial center, bringing a leisure shopping and entertaining experience with distinctive characteristics of the times and lifestyle to Nanjing, and creating the only first-line river view complex along the most beautiful 30-mile-long riverside.


President, Chief Designer / UrbanPlot
Quanhong Li
Vice President, Project Manager / UrbanPlot
Min He
Director / UrbanPlot
Civi Chen
Director / UrbanPlot
Som Yan
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