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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

The Story of Wine: ShaZhou YouHuang Cultural Park

Entrant Company

DSI by Senem Cennetoglu


Architectural Design - Factories & Warehouses

Client's Name

Shazhou Youhuang Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Country / Region

United States

Located in Zhangjiagang, along Yangtze river, the site is adjacent to the existing factory complex. Extremely fertile lands with endless rice paddies, the main ingredient of yellow wine production.

Total 23,500m2 GFA, 28 functional attractions, including a museum, wine warehouses, brewing workshop, library, restaurants, cafe, bar, exhibition galleries and multipurpose hall, resting and playground areas. The campus manifests client’s vision of becoming a first-class brand, leading the industry with an architectural benchmark, otherwise historically known for sprawling warehouses and disconnected buildings strewn across the landscape.

The layout includes facilities actively serving existing production while becoming an architectural landmark to the city, an industrial tourism destination, a leisurely environment, declared a key landmark by the government of the provincial culture and tourism industry.

From the abstraction of traditional architectural language, the project reflects Jiangnan Watertown characteristics, white walls, delicate bridges over crystal streams, buildings that are elegant and refined as if washed in ink… lane dimensions, signature colors of exterior facades and roofing details, openings, and rhythms… Such design elements demonstrate the heritage while expressing the history, culture, and production techniques of the Su tradition.

The project celebrates the connection between old and new through two primary districts: A diverse commercial hub, combined with modern Chinese architectural abstractions and a traditionally inspired industrial/ cultural cluster integrated with innovative facilities, making the park economically, socially and architecturally the highlight of the city…

A vision aims to create a refined, unforgettable cultural experience, through a contemporary transition rich with heritage and poetic nostalgia.


Executive Architect
Senem Cennetoglu
Masterplan, Architectural and Landscape Design
Retail Design Collaborative
Interior Design
Suzhou Gold Mantis Architectural Decoration Co., Ltd.
Local Design Institute
Suzhou Construction (Group) Planning & Architectural Design CO., LTD
Construction Company (Construction)
Jiangsu Jinda Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Construction Company (Curtain Wall)
Suzhou Guanglin Construction Co., Ltd.
Landscape Construction Company
Suzhou Gold Mantis Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Architectural Lighting
Jiangsu Rongming Construction Installation Co., Ltd.
Waterscape Design
Oase Water Art (Taicang) Co., Ltd.
Graphic Design
Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd.
Museum Interior Design
Suzhou Hexi Design & Construction Co., Ltd.
Chinese Stage Desig
Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd.
Project Photographer
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