China   |  2019

MUSE Design Awards Rose Gold Winner

Elegance and Calmness

Entrant Company



Interior Design

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This design is bright and glossy, with the materials such as marble brick and oak being used to reflect the cleanliness of the space and the elegance of the style, the best balance point between the space and the humanistic requirements being sought through the elements such as materials, technology, landscape and products, and the simple rhythm of the nature being quoted through the color sense displayed by the materials and textures, which presents the elements of the modern office in a simple and generous way. The office area is decorated with neat oak wood veneer, in which the colorful chairs and striped carpets are used to enhance the vitality of the space. Such sparse decoration and symmetrical spatial arrangement seem standard in the layout and complete in function, while highlighting the focus of the modern workplace on efficiency. The meeting room and the manager's office adopt the wood veneer with deep grain texture, which achieves a calm, solemn and low-key effect with profoundness. The semi-arc suspended ceiling, in combination with the corporate culture wall made of and floor paved with marble brick, makes the lobby seem relaxed, clean and solemn. In the negotiation area, the square suspended ceiling and circular suspended ceiling coexist for different forms of negotiation, using artistic droplight in peculiar style as ornaments. As the highlight of this design, the circular green plant ornament and the central mirror magnified the space sense, and relieved the visual fatigue while eliminating the sense of space pressure. The warm and modern design reflects the elegant aesthetics of modern office. With the tradition and modernness being blended in the workplace, it presents the inner personality and reflects the unique beauty in the modern style.

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