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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Minimalist Residence

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Chenghe Studio CO.,LTD


Interior Design - Residential

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Colors of low chroma bring a sense of stability to the home and allow residents to leave the hustle and bustle of city streets behind for a while. Instead of a glamorous look, the style is simple, uncluttered, and clean-looking to create an elegant and calm scene in the everyday life.

In the public area, the open floor layout allows natural light to penetrate all the way through the space. A large amount of highly transparent glass links the interaction between the fields.

At the entrance, the ink-colored stone patterns on both sides are mixed with charcoal-black wood grains, and the lower part is inlaid with white marble. Delicate changes of layers allow you to seek the similarities while keeping differences, and vice versa. The pure color gamut and natural texture welcome the house owner to a calm and peaceful home.

The textures of the gray scale combined with the wood grains introduce the main scene. In addition, the overlapping of the deep and shallow, open and closed, straight and curved creates a layered interior. The warm yellow light source at the lower edge adds cozy warmth. Surrounded by light, a tinge of elegance and tenderness is hidden in the rational order. The wall behind the sofa is formed by black and white elements to build a huge cabinet over the entire length of the wall. The middle of the wall is recessed to form a platform to interrupt the oppression of the volume and serve as a display space for the collection.

To continue with the minimalist design, achromatic colors that bring stability to the environment have been used in the dining space instead of bright and vivid colors. A sliding door between the dining room and the living room is composed of reeded glass, clear glass, and gray glass, providing a semi-transparent effect that retains privacy during mealtimes while still casting soft light that is pleasant and not intruding.

The bedroom features warm wood tones to complement the relaxing sleeping texture.


Wei Zhih, Chen
An Ting, Liu
Meng Shan, Yu
Ching Hua, Yu
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