2023 | Professional

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Sparkle series elevator human machine products

Entrant Company

Otis Technology Development(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.


Product Design - Other Product Design

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Otis Elevator (China) Co. Ltd.

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The Sparkle elevator panel series is developed by OTIS for high-end elevators. It features an inclusive design integrated with the latest OTIS PI elements, an innovative mortise-tenon structure and a concordant aesthetic vibe, aiming to align with OTIS' brand strategy upgrade and shape a unique brand image with high recognition.The core of this series lies in the very first application of the patented breathing lamp technology on the call buttons and landing light. The clear breathing light effects can help users quickly distinguish the running direction, and give prior notices of running states, substantially reducing misjudgments for more efficient riding.

The ultra-thin panel available in various color options can flexibly fit into more decor styles. Both sides of the tempered glass have been specially treated, with its front side processed by glass sanding and the back side printed with the stainless steel texture. Such a combination gives this panel a velvet-like surface with matte stainless steel texture. The low-gloss surface avoids ambient light reflection, which can blend into more elevator decors and keep the interface clear to read. Each button has a halo similar to an annular eclipse. This unique button design ensures a soft and comfortable visual effect by protecting users' eyes from direct light. To cater to customers' diverse aesthetic preferences, the Sparkle Series is also available in a wide range of color options: "glacier silver", "Donau blue" and "eyeshadow black" to name only a few.

Another innovation of the Sparkle series is the user-friendly panel design, which integrates the highly recognizable font, the high-contrast UI and the icons without words to ensure that information is straightforward enough to transcend the language barrier, allowing users in different countries and regions to enjoy fairly intuitive operation.


Zhe Li
Sisi Zheng
Tinghui Pan
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