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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Hengchun Inclusive Playgrounds

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Co-Forest Environmental Design Consultants Co., Ltd.


Landscape Design - Playspace Landscape

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Pingtung County Government

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Hengchun Inclusive Playgrounds is located at the Heritage Preservation Area, under the low-key and non-conflicting requirements of the ancient city, it strives to participate with children, parents, Physical and mental disabilities and the elderly, In the process, we constantly balance the color system, shape and configuration, adopt the simple original materials and plan to close to the actual needs of the people.

This playground is not only the result of collective joint creation, but also a local people's dream come true.

Equipped with facilities with the shape of the ancient city, the design vocabulary such as the city wall horse track (high-altitude slide), the square siege tower, and the hexagonal tree house are introduced, and combined with local concepts such as Vertical Ku canopy, the game elements such as sliding poles and climbing nets are skillfully incorporated.

Using local folk songs to create a water dance Yueqin area, the water dance, fountains and bouncing beds are combined into a three-dimensional Yueqin vision, and the stained glass Yueqin shed and spray facilities sprinkles colored sunlight on the water dance floor, and children laugh and play in the water, becoming the best interpretation of Yueqin music.

The important coral reef uplift terrain in Hengchun and the banyan forest community form a very interesting space experience under the forest. Therefore, the banyan forest community is interpreted through the precise wooden tenon structure and cubic shape. Excellent visual aesthetic experience.

In addition, the park uses a high-chromatic runway to stimulate the five senses of the disabled and the elderly when exercising and walking. It is equipped with shrubs of various colors and old trees to provide multiple experiences such as vision and smell. The pavement also uses the geological conditions of coral reef terrain to quickly drain water by using a high-permeability pavement.


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