Switzerland   |  2020

Alpencamping Nenzing

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HAMMERER Architekten GmbH/SIA


Architectural Design

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Alpencamping Nenzing GmbH



Englisch Are you already dreaming of your next vacation? Then we take you into the mountains and over the tops of the trees into the magical sky chalets at the Alpencamping in Nenzing, Vorarlberg, Austria. The lodges offer all the advantages of nature-loving camping with the comforts of cozy rooms and invite you to really relax. The hill should be used with the sky chalets to create comfortable lodges here. At first you think of beehives or eagle's nest. The individual lodges protrude from the hill and thus create more space than the hill would have given per se. At the same time, through the planting, they fuse more and more with the landscape and visually become an inseparable part of it. From the hill you have a wonderful view of the surrounding forests. For the most part, the wood that was used for the construction of the sky chalets comes from them. The construction is based on piles. More than 800 bushes were planted between the lodges, which soon ensured that the chalets with their black domes melted into a harmonious whole with the plants. The tubular shape takes up the shape of a curved tent on the one hand, but on the other hand the complex functions can be optimally accommodated. The generous frameless glazing not only gives a clear view of the landscape, but also ensures that the chalet is filled with daylight and pleasantly bright. The furniture for the chalet was made to measure, so that there is space for a small kitchen where you can easily prepare food and thanks to which you can start the day with a freshly brewed coffee. A staircase leads up to the gallery, which invites you to relax. If you don't want to do without a high level of sleeping comfort when camping, you will find a good night's rest in the sky chalets. Cozy bed niches offer space for the whole family, and from the small folding windows you can catch a glimpse of the outside in the morning.


Zimmerei Heiseler GmbH, Sonntag
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