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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Wabi-sabi- Time is quiet

Entrant Company

Nantong Yishu Engineering Management Co., Ltd


Interior Design - Living Spaces

Client's Name

Mr. Tang

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This is an interior design in a modern wabi-sabi style. Unlike the classical wabi-sabi style, this design has added modern elements of rationality and romance to the original humble and simple style by using bright colors. This aims to create a natural and simple living environment by using more natural elements while showing the simple but exquisite life attitude of owners.

As the most indispensable part of wabi-sabi aesthetics, artistic context is mainly reflected by the color scheme and space structure of the project. With black, white, and gray as the basic color, the project is properly decorated with Dian tea red, old wood color, pale, camel, chestnut, dusky yellow, and other natural colors. This color scheme introduces more entertaining elements to the space, which also reinterprets the popular simple athletics represented by the wabi-sabi style. And the functions of different spaces are distinguished by a varied proportion of color in one space. This meets both different aesthetic and living needs: the spacious public area in harmonious colors and the private area in a simple and warm color.

By following the ideal of returning to nature and staying true to self, the space is abound in natural shaped such as curves, rounds, arches, overhanging, concave, and convex modeling.

Moreover, the wood, rattan, and fabric enrich the visual hierarchy and displacement of object function, to create a block-based visual system in line with the aesthetic sense of order for a harmonious, quiet and warm space.

It is worth mentioning that, as viewers explore the space, the structure has gradually become simpler with fading colors to its original. This design symbolizes an internal self-search for the ultimate state of mind.

The practical use of the space is one of the focuses when displaying the wabi-sabi aesthetics. Open-ended compartments, display cabinets, and niches can both decorate the space and store things for both aesthetic and practical needs.


design director/ Nantong Yishu Engineering Management Co., Ltd
Feichao Du
soft decoration design/ Nantong Yishu Engineering Management Co., Ltd
Jingjing Shao
detailed design/ Nantong Yishu Engineering Management Co., Ltd
Biao Gong
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