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Johnnie Walker Limited Edition Packagings

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April Advertising


Packaging Design - Limited Edition

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Johnnie Walker

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From Johnnie Walker, the Special Edition: Royal Masterpieces of the East and West is a cross between a global brand and traditional Vietnamese heritage with two masterpieces:

- John Walker & Sons X.R Collection: Silver Filature Edition - 3 limited boxes

- John Walker & Sons King George V: Lacquer Edition - Uniquely crafted bespoke

Responding to the brand's requirements: creating impressive packaging for the Lunar New Year, thereby affirming the international luxury class and increasing brand affection through Vietnamese culture understanding, April Advertising had come up with an idea and then mapped out the execution strategy. Silver Filature and Lacquer are the two materials chosen by April Advertising, these are two age-old art forms that require technical meticulousness and a high level of ingenious:

- Silver Filature - The royal industry: Honored as one of the four pillars of the quintessence of the ancient industry, Silver Filature has a history of nearly 1500 years of ups and downs, soon recovering after a long time of oblivion. Craftsmen use the technique of pulling silver into ultra-thin threads just a few millimeters from which to create delicate patterns.

- Lacquer - The classic materials of painting: Favored by ancient royalty, Lacquer is one of the oldest painting materials in Vietnam, requiring meticulousness and high precision. And thanks to the feat of research by the painters in the 1930s, Lacquer has risen to become an art form since then.

The divine beasts are the image shown in the two artworks, the symbols of authority in the royal family of Vietnam. Debuted in 2021, when the world and Vietnam were still under the influence of the Covid pandemic, the Silver Filature Phoenix symbolizes the desire to be full, hiding to wait for the moment to rise. And in 2022, the economy began to recover, it was time for the Lacquered Asian Dragon Horse to rise up, protect prosperities, and bring luck and wealth.

Sustainability has been achieved by April Advertising through preserving and promoting the value of Vietnam's cultural heritage, and excellently creating precious and unique works of art.


Ho Anh Tuan
Creative Director
Duong Dao Thach Thao
Silver Filature Artist
Quach Phan Tuan Anh
Lacquer Artist
Dinh Van Son
Art Director
Do Duy Tan
Art Director
Le Quang Dung
Senior Graphic Designer
Lu Hoang Phi Tuan
Account Manager
Pham Le Ngoc Quynh
Account Director
Le Minh Thanh Ha
Account Manager
Hoang Nhat Quang Khanh
Senior Copywriter
Nguyen Linh Thao
Tran Hoang Phuong Anh
Aaron Hoang
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