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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Zhuhai Bay Area Club

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Interior Design - Hospitality

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Zhuhai Nanhang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

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The clubhouse space on the 32nd floo is like a rising star, overlooking the three places and hanging above the Pearl River with the night of Langlang. Interpreting the charm of the Pearl River, we hope to create a space that reflects the international attitude of life and has a modern quality of life.

Entering the vestibule, a barrier of cascading mountains come into sight, which also looks like the evening sun shining on the fog. The installation is inspired by the Eastern verse, "Some mountains shine like fire, others evaporate like fog." "This material combines jumping red with yarn to create the power to transpire.

The metal grille is ingeniously carved and ingenious, creating a half-concealed mysterious artistic conception, so that the ethereal behind the barrier is less flat and straightforward, giving it a deeper meaning. This freehand landscape, interpreted in a modern style, and transformed into a looming totem, as well as a glittering metal mountain stone, and a magnificent wave of "thick ink rises, water and sky are the same" created with stone texture.

The tea space integrates oriental culture to express the freehand natural philosophy, splashing ink to create a visual focus, this modern posture is transformed into a reception space like flowing water.

The delicate and steady trajectory of the reception hall renders the entire background, forming a simple space with patchwork pieces. A large number of white colors make the dark vermilion embellishment stand out, and it is implied in a striking but ethereal form.

Those classical ochre browns, different degrees of ink that penetrate from the outside to the inside, like chaos opening up, drifting and dispersing. The furniture is closely and combed in contrast, connecting with each other, allowing the space to be filled with power in a calm way, and those who come from the waves to the bottom of the heart.

The round table represents freedom and equality, and this silent spirit of tolerance expresses the thickness of cultural atmosphere and the precipitation of time perception.


Chief Designer
James Tse
Assistant Designer
David Young
Assistant Designer
Ming Yan
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