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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner


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Fashion Design - Scarves, Ties, Hats, Gloves

Client's Name

a self-initiated project

Country / Region

Croatia (Hrvatska)

The idea of the project is to design ties with a departure from the conventional while maintaining high quality, sophistication and elegance. This redefines the possibilities of wearing a tie and presents a classic item of clothing, which is part of Croatian and world heritage, in a new way. Furthermore, creativity and innovation push the boundaries of technology and manufacturing, adding value to endangered traditional skills and crafts.

The concept combines conventional and unconventional with different gradations of interventions according to the traditional shape of the tie, which enables a broader range of the interested audience, from those who are less brave or more conservative to those who are braver or wackier.

Ties are highly personalized in design because a person can choose them according to their character, mood, age, outfit and body characteristics. Personalization is achieved through different forms and many specific interventions. With them, we create the desired image and provoke reactions. At the same time, the tie's shape affects the wearer's mood.

Their different forms enable a wide range of use, depending on the occasion, specific situation and environment (weddings, funerals, business meetings, receptions, theatres, public performances...), and the time of day and season.

They are intended for conventional and unconventional people who want something more than a simple tie and following the occasion that requires a certain seriousness, elegance, solemnity or respect for norms.

Although ties also suit women well, as a distinctly masculine fashion accessory, these are designed to be unisex and should bring this item of clothing closer than ever to women and young people in general, regardless of gender.

This tie concept is made with an emphasis on the lower part. Thus, the design can influence the overall styling and the creation of new clothing items. However, the concept does not exclude a classic, conventional approach to dressing, especially since some ties are also designed with decent interventions.

By developing the concept, according to collections and seasons, ties can be adapted to trends through different shapes, differently emphasized interventions, patterns, colours and dimensions.


Stjepko Rošin
Nela Martinčić
Tonica Cvrlje
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