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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Sanag A50S AirFly Earphone

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Shenzhen Zhichuang All Technology Co., LTD


Product Design - Audio & Video Devices

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An industry-leading panoramic air conduction Bluetooth earbud, Sanag A50S uses a solid starburst semi-open earhook design for sports situations. Using algorithms and sound directional technologies, the earphones allow sound to travel clearly and directionally. The sound hole is in line with the ear canal, so sound can be transmitted naturally to the human ear.

With a compact interior and a total weight of 25g, users can barely feel the earphones when wearing them, providing a relaxing experience. Sanag A50S is definitely the best choice for sports users. Sanag A50S do not need to be placed in the ear canal, so there is no stuffiness after wearing them, instead they relieve ear pressure and inhibit the development of bacteria. That's why these earphones are gentler on the eardrum.

These earphones feature innovative Pulse DT3.0 directional sound transmission technology, which efficiently collects sound waves and reduces the annoyance of sound leakage. Sound reaches the eardrum directly through the external ear canal. In addition, the CVC noise reduction algorithm can effectively block out ambient noise in real time to maximise the original sound. The earphones are equipped with a new dual magnet dynamic diaphragm with crossover frequency adjustment for different sound ranges, delivering powerful bass and clear and bright treble and midrange for a fuller and richer listening experience.

The minimalist and sleek design makes the Sanag A50S look compact and sophisticated. The overall shape focuses on balance with soft and sleek lines. Touch controls and ear hooks perfectly combine stunning ergonomics and technology to give users a superior visual and auditory experience.

The built-in high-sensitivity sensor can accurately recognise user commands such as playing music and answering calls. At the same time, users can select different scene modes and customise the personalised sound to suit their needs using the customised app.


Industrial Designer
Jian Huang
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