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MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

The Bloom - Champion building materials flagship

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OuDelight inc.


Lighting Design - Architectural Lighting

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Through the skilled hands of an architect, an old four-story office building has been transformed into a novel building material showroom and sales center that resembles an art museum of building materials.

Champion Building Materials commissioned the project, which primarily sells various types of tiles, and the tile products have been directly applied to every indoor and outdoor space of the project.

Unlike typical product display spaces that showcase goods, the showroom emphasizes the construction of aesthetic living through building materials.

By creating various living scenes in the exhibition space, visitors feel as if they are walking through an art museum, gradually envisioning their ideal living spaces in their minds.

The lighting design of the interior and exterior spaces revolves around the core concept of the building material art museum.

It enhances the visual experience of the materials that are both space materials and sales products, creating a low-glare, museum-grade, visually comfortable lighting environment.

Some interior spaces adopt a variable color temperature lighting system, allowing visitors to experience the appearance of the tiles under different color temperature scenarios.

This not only solves the cognitive errors that may arise when selecting tiles under a single color temperature environment, but also expands visitors' imagination of living spaces.

The exterior of the building is also a major feature of the project. The architect used porcelain tiles with different tilt angles to create a V-shaped curve on the facade, echoing the brand's logo.

The curve, with the light shining through the gaps between the tilted tile faces at night, creates a unique visual impression of the building, beautifully blossoming in the city's night view.

Overall, the project successfully transformed an old office building into a modern and innovative showroom that provides a unique sensory experience for visitors.

The design highlights the beauty and functionality of building materials and demonstrates the potential for their use in creating aesthetic living spaces.


Lighting Designer / OuDelight inc.
Yi-Chang Chen
Lighting Designer / OuDelight inc.
Hsin-He Chang
Architect / Yuan Architects, Inc.
Wen-Yuan Peng
Yuchen Chao Phototgraphy
Yu-Chen Chao
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