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MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

C'era Una Volta

Entrant Company

Redfish di Giovanni Murgia


Packaging Design - Wine, Beer & Liquor

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Cantine Chessa

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"C'era Una Volta" (Once upon a time) is not only a wine but also a jump into the past. It was born from the dream of making a small oenological jewel by treasuring the teachings of the ancients and the winemaking techniques of the past.

The idea of the creative concept of the wine "C'era Una Volta" tells, in the simplicity of the fairytale hyperbole well represented by the illustration on the label, the story of the birth of this wine and that of who produced it.

The style chosen is deliberately like a fairytale, a bit to give a magical touch to a wine that differs greatly from the classic style of the other products of the company, but also to underline its highly expressive and dreamlike nature. A wine born from a dream, which becomes desire and, therefore, wine.

With this label we wanted to connote the product in a very strong way, representing on the label a story, the history of the wine producer, to bring this product closer to the target audience who seeks in the wines characters of exclusivity and refinement. The style of the label goes well with the wine it identifies because together they define a suggestive and fascinating whole. The "C'era Una Volta" therefore presents itself with this very suggestive label focused on a light and captivating style that integrates with the golden color of the wine specifically inserted in a transparent burgundy bottle, to reveal its bright and pleasantly golden color.

It represents the lightness and light-heartedness of a young girl who flies on the wings of fantasy to follow her dream accompanied by her friend swallow who will guide her on the path to creating this wine.

In summary and with the help of the hyperbole of a fairy tale, this label represents the story of the young producer who, among the first women in Sardinia to personally produce bottled wines now almost 15 years ago, begins her young but significant career in the world of wine.


Sara Pilloni
Art Director/Copywriter
Giovanni Murgia
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