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MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite V.2

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The ONE Music Group


Product Design

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Music, Audio & Sound

The ONE Piano Hi-Lite V.2 is the latest product from The ONE Music Group, the award-winning creator of interactive MIDI pianos and keyboards that help teach users of all ages and levels to learn how to play. Just debuted at NAMM 2020, The ONE Piano Hi-Lite V.2 is a new collapsible version of the first-ever smart piano strip that transforms any 88-key piano or keyboard into an interactive learning experience. Using Bluetooth or wired connectivity, the device pairs with The ONE Smart Piano free app (Android and iOS), providing access to LED light-guided video lessons, piano games and 4,500+ sheet music variations to provide an intuitive, accessible and fun way to learn and play the piano. Once the Hi-Lite is placed on top of your piano or keyboard, connect the strip via Bluetooth or cable to any tablet or smartphone and enjoy jump-start tutorials, LED-guided sheet music or gaming mode. It also works with other MIDI-supported apps - such as Yousician, Piano Maestro, Synthesia and GarageBand - and can be used with The ONE Piano Classroom, a music-instruction platform and curriculum available to educational institutions and teachers. Features of The ONE Piano Hi-Lite V.2 include LED lights and advanced laser sensor technology that syncs with the program's lesson or game, corresponding to the light color and speed depending on skill level. The system supports learners by helping individuals play through songs first to build interest, then to add on additional skills such as reading music, hand positions and musical expression. Muscle memory is a big part of playing piano, so individuals are urged to find their own musical expression and enjoyment rather than focusing on mapping notes to keys right at the start. Since its launch in 2015, The ONE Music Group has helped millions learn to play the piano with ease, eliminating common roadblocks of traditional instruction such as cost, difficulty, access to lessons and time investment, and offering an unparalleled solution for accessible music education at home.


Founder and CEO, The ONE Music Group
Bin Ye
Co-founder and CMO, The ONE Music Group
Yusha He
VP of Hardware Design, The ONE Music Group
Xiaoye Xu
Project Manager, The ONE Music Group
Anle Zhou
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