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gita is a first-of-its-kind following robot that was designed with simplicity in mind. The overall form of gita expresses its direction and movement. Its rounded shape is slippery when moving past and around people. Its spherical shape expresses its ability to spin in place. Despite its roundness, it has direction with a distinct front, back and sides. The front has a sensor array with prominent lenses oriented forward and to the side to indicate the field of view that gita uses to sense both the user who it is following as well as bystanders. It’s two motors drive the right and left wheel at different speed and direction and allow a zero turning radius; it leans forward before it takes off and leans back before it stops. Self-balancing and its large wheels are what gives gita the ability to move quickly and nimbly enough to keep up with people. Although gita uses state-of-the-art technology to follow people while carrying up to 40lbs of cargo, the human-machine interaction happens through the touch of just two buttons. This low-tech interaction frees people’s hands and eyes so they can look at one another and their environment with increased awareness.


CEO and Chief Creative Office, Piaggio Fast Forward
Greg Lynn
COO, Piaggio Fast Forward
Mitchell Weiss
Chief Visionary Officer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Jeffrey Schnapp
Lead Designer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Naz Ekmekjian
Designer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Max Reice
Designer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Jerry Ding
Prototyper, Piaggio Fast Forward
Kenan Goodnight
Engineer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Jarrod Smith
Engineer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Cody Chen
Engineer, Piaggio Fast Forward
Amos Ambler
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