Taiwan   |  2020

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

A Misty Haven

Entrant Company

Mask Design Interational Interior Design CO.


Interior Design

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Since this project is the second collaboration between the design team and the client, there is already a level of understanding between them two during the design and construction process, even though this time the design more focuses on the minimalism style that the client yearns for, which is quite similar to the previous one, yet the appearance is quite different, but the design team also made specific planning according to the client’s logic and life needs. The site is located in a high altitude with excellent views, and the surrounding mountains and mists make people feel the beauty of nature. Therefore, this project specially integrated with the outdoor natural elements. Through the open style design, the use of natural materials, advanced smart devices, etc., the space is planned in a minimalist modern style. With high-quality materials, good aesthetics and delicate planning, it is hoped that the client could have a comfortable residential space. This project uses simple and refined design techniques, with the natural outdoor scenery, clean design, monochrome color adjustment, carefully planned lighting equipment, and a perfect layout planning, creating a perfect, elegant and comfortable space for a couple who often travel between the United States and Taiwan. The color tone of the space follows the natural texture of the stone and wood elements, and integrate with an elegant and gorgeous texture, which is matched with the outdoor scenery creating a natural and simple space. The private area is created as spacious as possible and combined with warm colors making the space quiet and comfortable, providing the residents with a relaxing sleeping experience. Particularly, the building materials of this house are mostly made of healthy and harmless materials. The design team makes good use of smart technology combined with electrical equipment and uses delicate design ingenuity to create a comfortable and comfortable home experience for the client.

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