France   |  2020

Hotel Tanqueray

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Servaire & Co


Packaging Design

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Wine, Beer & Liquor

STRATEGY, CHALLENGES AND OBJECTIVES Tanqueray entrusted the agency Servaire & Co with the development of a 360° Gifting platform around its famous unmistakable Gin. Transported to a hotel bar or one of its timeless suites, Servaire & Co invites you to open the doors of the Tanqueray universe and appreciate its art of living. The luxury hotel bar, its requirement and its refinement to a universe and values ​​shared with Tanqueray art of service and outstanding mixology. The agency therefore imagined two unique suites to discover the two brand iconic variants London Gin and Tanqueray n ° 10. An immersion in an elegant chic world dedicated to satisfaction. OBJECT The keys to an art of optimism : The agency has created a Giftbox that represent the doors to hotel suites, and you are invited to unlock it with the magical Tanqueray Key. To link the story of the Hotel to the Tanqueray unique Taste, the agency went further and create a double function to this new tool. In fact, the key easily transforms into a bottle opener, a genius idea to open your soft drink and create the perfect Tanqueray & Tonic. As per the opening of a new emblematic place, Servaire & Co also produced campaign visuals and digital animations to share this unique experience to a broader scale. The games of endless doors, captivating lights, room Service imagined by the agency to create mystery and envy…


Sébastien EHRET
Creative Director
Sébastien SERVAIRE
Product Designer
Technical Director
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