Taiwan   |  2020

MUSE Design Awards Gold Winner

Gentle from the Primitive

Entrant Company

your tale design


Interior Design

Client's Name

Mr. Jao



It has a mezzanine layout that covers two floors of a residential building. The homeowner himself has been engaged in the green material industry and thus places great emphasis on selection of good material for his living environment. Due to a preference for a rough, rustic feel, a large amount of wood is boldly used indoors and is paired with stone material to construct a retro style. Its open-plan layout serves to make space look bigger. A fair-faced concrete TV wall neatly separates the entryway from the living room. The large storage cabinets and shoe cabinets extend beyond the entrance to the living room, with hollowed-out display cabinets presenting a unique vista. And reserved below the cabinetry is some space for suspended plugs and storage for cleaning robots. By means of lighting design, the hefty wooden cabinetry looks lighter. Through wood vein of the same tone employed on the walls, the d├ęcor covering the beam and the long couch by the window, a visual harmony is attained. Ample natural light spills in through the large French windows. The ceiling of the living room is deliberately left unadorned, and together with track lights, presents it original countenance. The large floor that goes further into the dining room is one of checkerboard-like parquet flooring, paved for a sense of magnificence. Echoing the wood texture of the walls, the beam, and the veneer of the cabinetry, it works perfectly with the brown-vein leather sofa, luggage-shaped table, hardwood long table and classical chandelier. A unique space that is rough yet delicate is created. With ingenuity, the outdoor balcony on the upper level of the mezzanine is a striking focal point when one is sitting in the dining area downstairs. A large sheet of glass and a convertible skylight make for a dome of nature for the dining area. The thick pillar in a corner of the dining room is paved with driveway bricks often seen in business but rarely in residence. Their light and dark veins, together with the iron mesh door of the wooden cupboard, look lustrous even under the rough appearance.

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