2020 | Professional

MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

Becherovka Unfiltered Design

Entrant Company

Cocoon Prague


Packaging Design - Wine, Beer & Liquor

Client's Name

Jan Becher Pernod Ricard

Country / Region

Czech Republic

Becherovka is a legendary herbal liqueur produced in the Czech city of Karlovy Vary. Its origin goes back to the year 1807, when the one-of-a-kind recipe consisting of fine herbs was invented by Jan Becher. This recipe is kept secret ever since. Becherovka herbal liqueur is an icon in many markets. It stands for tradition. Recently, a “pinch of rebellion” has been brought to this popular liqueur, introducing a first-time-ever Unfiltered version. Produced in a small batch in the course of a more precise and careful process, this cloudy, genuinely herbal liqueur with sophisticated yet natural taste and look compliments the original recipe of Becherovka. The visual solution of Unfiltered Becherovka is an absolute celebration of the herbal, traditional, and crafty spirit of this new premium Becherovka. At the same time, it remains relatable to our target audience and the market context. The iconic shape of the bottle stayed the same, while its amber-brown glass with embossing underlined the modern classic style. The label is inspired by the pharmaceutical style of visuality, keeping the uncomplicated clean look and detailed crafting in perfect balance. Matte beige paper underlines the sensation. Forest green colour is used to emphasize the wild, genuine herbal spirit. To refer to the traditional art of the “maker” we kept the brand symbol (the cryptogram) in the centre of the label, but used golden hotfoiling and embossing for the right stand-out with the monogram of Jan Becher and the UNF (standing for Unfiltered) complementing it. All the elements are placed into a simple, yet detailed graphical composition and framing with the sign UNFILTERED crowning and overarching the label. The claims “Herbal Liqueur” and “Small Batch”, which make this product clearly defined as unique, are printed in gold.

The label design inspired a full identity, secondary packaging, POS materials and unique visuals used for communication and for launching the product.


Creative Director
Karolína Bělohlávková
Account Manager
Çigdem Çevrim
Account Manager
Jana Melníková
Brand Strategist
Jakub Plášek
Design Director
Evgeny Razzhivin
Senior Designer
Sasha Sharavarau
Anna Matoušková
Tania Sharavarava
3D Visualisor
Petr Ludvík
Robert Špecián
Case Study Photographer
José Sabino
Bartop Image Photographer
Petr Krejci
Bartop Image Production
4D Photo
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