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VERO is a collection of glassware designed for serving specialty coffee beverages. The collection consists of an espresso, cortado, cappuccino, and latte glass, all designed to be the ideal vessel for their intended beverage. The glasses have a satisfying heft and curved interiors which are optimized for pouring latte art. The collection is available in four colors-- clear, smoke, rose, and amber, making them a timely departure from ubiquitous white cafeware. The VERO collection began with our reimagining of the traditional cortado glass. We thought the cortado deserved a more elegant and intentionally designed vessel than the ubiquitous Gibraltar glass, which is meant for liquor. We were inspired by the rock of Gibraltar, the monolithic limestone rock off the coast of Spain as a starting point for our vessel. Designs for the espresso, cappuccino, and latte glasses followed the cortado to round out the collection. VERO is defined by clean, exaggerated asymmetrical facets, and its satisfying weight. One of the most important parts of our process is the feedback we receive from our customers and the specialty coffee community as a whole. Prototypes of each piece in the VERO collection were taken to multiple baristas and coffee shops to be tested, revised, and tested again. As a whole, the collection reflects our goal to design thoughtful and functional solutions to time-honored traditions, while maintaining a sense of playfulness and delight. VERO is made of durable, dishwasher and microwave safe glass, and is made in the USA. Our hope is always that beautiful serve ware will encourage cafe customers to take their coffee in the shop, and forgo single-use disposable cups.

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