Taiwan   |  2019

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The concept of this design is inspired by a song that a house owner wrote for his beloved wife. While the tunes and tempos of the song transform into lines on the walls, the spontaneous melody also turn into colors in the space and the twists and turns of the notes into topographic curves on the ceiling. Together these elements become a manifestation of the tenderness conveyed by the song. The first floor opens to the living room and dining room. Sometimes intense, sometimes gentle, sunlight sweeps across the multi-shaded silky carpet through the statin curtain and pours into the master bedroom to conjure up an elegant imagery of the immense sea. The floating circles on the television wall in the living room are upbeat notes that add a splash of fun to the otherwise mellow ambience. The mirror in the formal dining room deflects soft light from the hanging light and mists over the surrounding. Ascending the stairs, the pearl colored wall represents a pause that subtly hints at the different environment in stored on the floor above. On the second floor, the wood patterned wall in the family room displays contrasting shiny and matte surfaces. The horizontally and vertically structured hanging light is a dancing note that lights up the open space. The mini theater and two children’s bedrooms create a distinct mood for the house, referencing varied sections in a music piece. The cement ceiling and bluish gray sound-proof walls reveal the master’s unique taste, whereas the pink and baby blue shades show the little masters’ personalities and preferences. Music flows in all corners in the home, where the heart resides.

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