China   |  2021

MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

Chu Rong

Entrant Company

Wuxing Youxing Design Studio


Interior Design

Client's Name

Shanxi Mr. Long Catering Management Co., Ltd.


Restaurants & Bars

This project from the guidance of overall aesthetics to the design of building facades, interior architecture, furniture design and art installations, are all undertaken by the designer. The designer interprets the understanding of "Chu Rong" in his own way, and integrates the traditional Sichuan rhyme into the modern trend through a series of unique constituent elements, which has become the key to design and atmosphere creation. The design inspiration of the building facade imitated by folk houses comes from Taikoo Li, Chengdu. Through the inheritance and deduction of the roof eaves, wall structure, stilted building, veranda and other forms of folk houses in Western Sichuan, the scene reappears the Chengdu style. The designer takes the city impression as the starting point, so that the overall style exudes a distinctive regional style and emotional temperature. In the structure of the overall internal space, it fully reflects the rational integration of space aesthetics and function. Commercial projects must consider the best use of space. Due to the limitation of floor height, but also considering the comfortable space experience, the designer adopts the superimposed design of large and small hollows, and the ceiling is turned up and supplemented with a chamfered mirror surface, so that the upper and lower floors intersect with each other, unifying the openness and privacy in the same space. The empty atrium is the visual focus of the whole space. The main color of the space is taken from the red wall of Chengdu Wuhou Temple Museum. Chu Rong integrates the classic elements of red wall bamboo shadow into the restaurant. Traditional aesthetics and modern consciousness collide with each other between eternity and moment, becoming the main line of visual guidance. According to the local conditions, several artificial skylights are introduced to simulate the courtyard light of residential buildings. The natural lighting makes the space more transparent, and by echoing the bamboo and stone landscape elements, it emphasizes the coexistence of human and nature, and integrates the garden's wild fun into the dining experience.


Chief Designer/Wuxing Youxing Design Studio
Zhixue Wei
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