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Unlimited Happiness

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Unlimited Happiness is a New Year gift box containing everything you need for the holidays, allowing you to instantly spread the love and prepare for the occasion. The design revolves around the title theme Unlimited Happiness, and the structure of the box is therefore divided into three layers and in a hexagonal shape. The top layer of the box is stamped with gold with the themed design made from insulating material, which can be used as a teapot coaster while serving tea. The second layer consists of two hexagonal red packet packages, featuring different Chinese New Year mascots including lion dancers, firecrackers, lantern, sesame doughnuts, Buddha & spring onions. Together they dress up as cute New Year aliens, destined to bring happiness to every corner of the universe. The box can also be transformed into candy boxes, serving treats to visiting guests and of course, keeping the children entertained. The traditional Fai Chun can be found in the base layer, where it can provide any space a sprinkle of New Year spirit. In terms of the design, the Fai Chun matches that of the red packet sets, highlighting the joy of the festivities. There

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