China   |  2021

MUSE Design Awards Silver Winner

Ye's Garden

Entrant Company

Shanghai IGE Lighting Design Co., Ltd


Lighting Design

Client's Name

Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital


Landscape Lighting

Ye's Garden was built in 1932, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters. It is now located in Shanghai First Pulmonary Hospital. The layout of the garden is classical and elegant, unique,built by Ye Yiquan, the fourth son of the famous Ningbo businessman Ye Chengzhong. It was once very busy and was called "Night Garden".

Relying on light and shadow to tell the past. The natural, architectural and historical elements of Ye's Garden are presented. "Quiet" and "elegant" are used as the basic tone to render quality, "false or true complement, light and shadow superposition" is used to deconstruct the hierarchical changes of the environment, and "using light to reflect the scene, creating light according to the scene" is used to create a scene composition of multiple perspectives.

According to the whole garden space hierarchy, the brightness is divided into five levels. At the entrance, it needs to increase area brightness, improve visual identification. At the bearing line, it needs to meet the functional lighting, pay attention to the creation of artistic conception. In the reception area, the light is exquisite and hidden, and the light color is comfortable. Characteristic waterfront, garden road, safety lighting needs to provide and give life to the waterscape. Through the contrast of light and shade, natural combination of dynamic and static, the garden landscape layer by layer, step by step, scene by scene comes into view.

Many of the buildings in the garden are heritage buildings. While showing the architectural features, we must ensure the protection of ancient buildings and the integrity of their appearance. The color temperature of the lighting source is mainly the warm color with high color rendering, the color is unified, and the overflow astigmatism is avoided. Many ancient trees are protected in the park, and most of them are very old. Long-term strong light irradiation will have a certain impact on the growth of the trees. While controlling the brightness of the tree lights, it creates a sense of spatial hierarchy.


Project Leader/Shanghai IGE Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Ma Renkai
Principal Case Designer/Shanghai IGE Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Yu Lingling
Designer/Shanghai IGE Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Ye Weiliang
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