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"Track and field sports complex" facade lighting

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Lighting Design - Facade Lighting

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BI Group

Country / Region


Object: Track and field sports complex

Customer: BI Group

Location: Nur-Sultan, Turan Ave.

Warranty: 3 years

Installation duration: 9 months

Number of light sources: 7,137 units

Total building area: 36,657 m2

The track field sports complex was built by direct decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main goal of the facility is to create the most comfortable conditions for international light athletics competitions. Sport complex was not supposed to resemble any existing sports complex in its shape and structure. When creating the project, the architects preferred a futuristic image. Broken lines and sharp edges, coupled with unusual and stylish lighting, were supposed to emphasize the uniqueness and aesthetics of the structure.


Before starting to develop a suitable lighting concept for such a massive object, the Led Innovations team had to take into account four specific features of the upcoming work:

- Mounting the lighting at the locations of the stencil sheets;

- Mounting of lighting in the locations of the stained glass windows;

- Lighting dynamics;

- Budget.

To install lighting fixtures in the locations of the stencil sheets, additional brackets had to be installed to set the light beams in the correct direction. We faced another problem during the implementation of the project: the customer categorically did not want to see traces of fixing lighting fixtures and their cables on the facade of the building. The stained-glass windows and stencils were supposed to remain untouched.

Our specialists offered the customer a variant of the cluster-type media facade, which forms various images on the surface of the structure due to the built-in LEDs. Next, the team highlighted the edges of the structure with tubular lamps, emphasizing the unusual shape of the complex. Thanks to the high level of professionalism of our employees, BI Group received an excellent final result.

Results of the work

Track an field complex was finished at the end of 2019. The bright and colorful RGB lighting installed on the facade of the sports complex now pleases residents and guests of the capital, creating a festive and warm atmosphere.


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Kapsatarov Azamat
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