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MUSE Design Awards Platinum Winner

REE Automotive's Next-Gen EV Platform

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REE Automotive


Transportation Design

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REE Automotive


Electric Vehicle (NEW)

REE has designed the industry’s flattest EV platform, with more room for passengers, cargo and batteries unprecedented in the industry. REE’s EV platforms incorporate REE’s patented technology, REEcorners™. REEcorners pack critical vehicle components – including steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control – into a single compact module located between the chassis and the wheels – hence “corners”. This helps create a fully flat EV platform, with no internal combustion engine taking up valuable space that otherwise can be used to accommodate passengers or cargo.

REE’s EV platforms are future-proof, designed to operate on either battery or fuel cells and in any driver mode – manual or autonomous. REE’s EV platforms are the underpinning on top of which mission-specific vehicles can be built from vehicle class 1 to 6, providing complete design freedom.

Our EV platforms will allow B2B potential customers – from auto manufacturers and OEMs, delivery and logistic companies, e-retailers, Mobility as a Service and technology companies - to design EVs for their exact needs and requirements.

Potential customers will be able to select from a wide set of parameters from supported payload capacity, # of passengers, type of x-by-wire steering and drive – all wheel, front or rear, speeds and battery capacity. EV platform sizes can be chosen based on preferred length, width and height.

REE’s EV platforms offer:

More space
• REE’s EV platform is designed to offer unparalleled interior space as compared to conventional ICE and other EVs
• Significantly smaller vehicle footprint - saving valuable space in warehouses, parking areas and loading/unloading docks
• Easy maneuverability in crowded urban zones
• More room for batteries, boosting driving range

Reduced Mean Time to Repair
• Each REEcorner will be able to be replaced in under 60 minutes for reduced TCO
• AI preventative maintenance system and over-the-air (OTA) updates

Intelligent platform
• Transmission of wireless upgrades and software fixes over the air
• Upgrade safety or autonomous features during vehicle downtime and/or overnight stops, enabling to reduce bottom line expenses


CTO, REE Automotive
Ahishay Sardes
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