New Zealand   |  2019

Aurelian - Luxury Headphones

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TG Design Studio


Product Design

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Victoria University of Wellington


Music, Audio & Sound

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Aurelian is a luxury headset system designed to break both fashion and consumer electronic trends. Aiming to question the form, function, and social innovation of headphones, Aurelian combines cutting edge digital fabrication technologies with themes of neo-antiquity. Industrial design has entered an age of ‘design clone culture’, where vast industries of products too often look alike one another. The headphone industry is no exception, with an overwhelming majority of headphones being white, plastic, and over-the-head. Aurelian seeks to break this trend, as well as explore the social prestige of ‘affordable luxuries’. Aurelian believes there is no reason headphones cannot be a symbol of class or an adornment of occasion. Aurelian comprises of 8mm driver earbuds, with a Bluetooth 4.0 module, and a miniaturized control board coupled with potentiometers triggered by the main golden arch. The frontal ‘crown’ of the design is 3D printed at Shapeways in precious metals such as Gold or Brass. The main housing of the earbuds and electronics is printed in PA12 industrial nylon plastic. Aurelian was designed by Tiger ChongSheng Guo at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design.


Tiger ChongSheng Guo
Anton Raymond
Teaching Mentor
Zach Challies
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