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Tenuto – The Smart Wearable Vibrator for Men

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Tenuto, is the world's first wearable vibrator that provides a non-medical alternative to Viagra with stronger, longer lasting erections without the side effects. Tenuto’s unique design stretches and adapts around the penis and perineum for increased blood flow, extended erection and prolonged pleasure. With 6 strong, anatomically positioned motors, Tenuto's vibrations travel through the penis to give the wearer and the partner powerful orgasms. Take control of your pleasure through the App with pre-set vibrations or creating your own patterns. Tenuto's technology provides the user with a truly adaptable device to wrap-around, hold and vibrate precisely on their penis, scrotum and perineum and have full control over their own sexual health and wellbeing. It was designed around the male anatomy to fit all penis sizes, from flaccid to erect, with the right amount of tightness to hold the blood-flow and thus erection, and do it comfortably. Tenuto's seamless design hides complex material science and electronics technology to allow the user to fully immerse in their and their partner's pleasure. Tenuto uses a unique combination of plastics for flexibility with robust strength, making it the only vibrator in the world that can be 'moulded' to the exact shape and size of any penis, allowing it to bend easily to fit all penis sizes and then regain its tight shape and strength to keep the erection. Tenuto uses custom-made military grade high tensile composite material to be able to withstand 1000s of stretches and bends over years without breaking. It also uses the latest advancements in miniaturizations, custom wiring and compressed hot overmoulding to create the lightweight compactness that was previously considered impossible in this space. Tenuto has won numerous awards including: Disruption50, Luxlife and European Product Innovation.

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