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This project is a renovation residential space of 92.4 square meters. In response to the requirement of the owner for space practicability, dismantled the original three rooms, reconstructed into two rooms. The space allocation was suit well to unbind the original narrow T-shaped public space, so as to achieve the effect of visual openness. Thus though the small dwelling can also have the feeling of large space. Owing to the owner's preference for industrial Loft style, therefore reduced the proportion of decoration in the space. Try best to preserved the original condition of the house on the basis of aesthetics and cozy. Hoped to shape an unconstrained light industrial Loft style residence by way of the simple software layout and material selection. Due to the hostess is fond of cuisine, placed the kitchen and dining area by the window side, which with rich lighting, ventilation and wide vision. Along with the proportion of kitchen space, set up a small and delicate island, which connect the long table and enlarge the meal preparation area. Plan a readily available kitchenware hanging area around the return line. Make the cooking process more humane meanwhile bring much more convenience and pleasure. The main axis of Industrial Loft style is to retain the primitive sense of the house condition and make the unadorned feature becomes the space atmosphere. Therefore, the wall simply troweled with green building material "Letos" to create the bare texture of imitating the fair-faced concrete, while contributing to the environmental protection. The wall in the rear of the study is build of primitive red bricks, which makes the uneven tone in the process of kiln burning become a natural end scene, bring a quaint novelty vision.


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